Richard Brooks refers himself to NUS investigation

Joanna Taylor 12 January 2017

Richard Brooks, the NUS Vice-President accused of being involved in a plot to oust Malia Bouattia after the publication of a video in which he’s heard to refer to “secret purpose meetings” with the previous Chair of Labour students has referred himself to an NUS investigation. 

Brooks, who has worked at the NUS for two years, stated that “I’ve written to the NUS UK Board to refer myself for an investigation under the Code of Conduct.”

In his open letter, Brooks claims that after the video was released by Al Jazeera he underwent further allegations from senior NUS representatives and "anti-Israel activists" on social media that he had colluded with foreign governments, put Bouattia’s life at risk, and broken the law. 

These allegations have “resulted in myself and others being abused and harassed on social media and via email” Brooks states. The claims made “are not true” and Brooks hopes that a “swift and thorough investigation” will clear his name. 

He also promises to fully comply with the NUS investigation, stating that he is willing to “provide a full account of my actions”. 

The NUS Code of Conduct, to which Brooks refers, lists acting “without due regard to the safety of others” and “with dishonesty or intent to defraud” as breaches, with punishments ranging from a written warning to suspension. Brooks believes that he will “be fully exonerated”. 

In a statement accompanying the letter on Facebook, Brooks said he “would hope some others who have broken nearly every rule in the book when it comes to conduct decide to do the same. I won’t hold my breath.” 

In response to comments, he also references “waiting for the far left to pile in again”. There have been calls on him to resign. 

Brooks claims that, to the best of his knowledge, no formal complaints have been raised with the NUS about his breach of their Code of Conduct, although the NUS had previously stated that they are “looking into” the allegations and expected to take “appropriate action”. 

In the mean time, Richard Brooks is continuing to visit Student Unions in the UK. Although other members of the NUS have come to her defence, Malia Bouattia is yet to make comment.