Robinson Cut the Rent success

Sophie Laura Weymes-McElderry 2 March 2018

Robinson College Student Association (RSCA) announced this week the success of their Cut the Rent petition, following a meeting with the Robinson Finance committee.

Robinson students are to be given a wider variety of ‘value’ rooms, with the number almost tripling to thirteen, and a cap in rent increase for freshers of 2%, representing a saving in real terms as inflation stands between 2.7% and 4%.

Students are also to be given £50 worth of credit at the college’s buttery and cafe, lasting until 2020 or graduation, the sooner of the two, when the system will be reviewed.

According to the Big Cambridge Survey 2016, 60% of Robinson students were dissatisfied with their accommodation. Almost 200 people signed the petition, backed by the RSCA, and is one of four campaigns to ask colleges to provide a greater variety of affordable and good-standard accommodation for students.