Rowing: Downing crews bag Blades in Bumps

Olivia Lee -Sports Co-Editor 13 March 2012

Lent Bumps were a chaotic affair as always, with a few sinking boats, unpredictable weather and plenty of action.

On the men’s side, league leaders Caius got their Headship Blades. Downing also rowed over four days consecutively in second position, while Girton, Christ’s and Robinson earned Blades in the top division. King’s and Fitzwilliam, however, both dropped out of the division on their way to getting Spoons.

Also bumped four days in a row were Churchill II, First and Third III, Jesus III and Robinson II. Blades went to Downing II and Christ’s II in division two, as well as Hughes Hall, St Catherine’s II and Girton II in the third division.

There was less movement in the bottom division, no crews earning Blades or Spoons or managing to bump their way into division three.

The leaders won Headship Blades on the women’s side too, with Downing rowing over at the top. St Catherine’s II also bumped past Anglia Ruskin and Lady Margaret III in division three to get their own Blades.

More crews earned Spoons than Blades: Queens and Trinity Hall in division one, and Jesus II and Pembroke II in the second division. St Edmund’s also earned Spoons as they dropped into the third division after being bumped by Caius II on day four.

Emmanuel II and Lady Margaret II proved constant frustrations to each other in division two, bumping in turn for four days straight, while Peterhouse managed to bump their way up into division one after catching Churchill.

Also moving up a division were Newnham II, who fought their way into division two and managed to stick it out until the end.

Olivia Lee -Sports Co-Editor