Royal Wedding marks early release for Cambridge criminals

Judith Welikala - Deputy News Editor 28 April 2011

Cambridgeshire criminals are being released from prison up to three days before the end of their sentences, ahead of the Royal Wedding.

Typically, 10 to12 prisoners are released every three weeks. However, 16 were released last Thursday alone.

Tomorrow an undisclosed number are also set to be released early.

A spokeswoman for Sodexo Justice Services, which oversees Peterborough Prison, stressed the early releases have “nothing to do with staff shortages.”

“If a prisoner’s release date falls on a bank holiday or a weekend then they are released the day before and we have two bank holidays in a row. This is the policy for all prisons.”

While he acknowledged that some of the offenders “have extensive criminal records”, Detective Chief Inspector Chris Mead emphasised: “We have plans in place to support, monitor and in some cases, target these people in order that they don’t return to their offending ways.

“I would urge people to make it difficult for them by adopting simple crime prevention measures and ensure they do not become a victim of crime.”

Judith Welikala – Deputy News Editor