Scotland Yard launches University bomb scare investigation

Gwen Jing - News Reporter 22 June 2012

A nationwide investigation into threats of bomb hoaxes targeting 50 universities including the University of Cambridge has been launched by Scotland Yard’s counter-terrorism branch.

Cambridge University has received daily warnings over the past three weeks of bombs allegedly planted in various locations.

This has spurred several evacuations of university buildings, including the New Museums site on Downing Street, the Wren Library at Trinity College and Clare College.

Jodie Green, a first year student at Clare College, said: “We were forced out of our rooms, people barefoot in pyjamas, and the worst part was the disruption it caused to everyone’s revision during this exam period”.

Most threats were received from hoax emails, sent through an anonymous remailer which can forward messages without revealing their original source.

A spokesman for Cambridge University said: “No devices have been found at all, but we do treat each message seriously and inform the police and the relevant authorities. In some cases we have needed to evacuate, in others just carry out security sweeps.”

Other universities victim to the bomb hoaxes include the University of Bristol, Durham and Essex.

Scotland Yard claims the cause is being treated as a “suspected linked series of malicious communications”. However, they say that motives behind the threats remain unclear, and there appears to be no connection between the targeted universities.

Gwen Jing – News Reporter