‘Set to perform to twenty thousand people’: Footlights’ Lagoon

Sophie Dickinson 4 June 2016

Set to be the biggest comedy production of Easter term, this year’s Footlights international tour show, Lagoon, has – as always- got a lot to live up to. 

Set to perform to over twenty thousand people across two continents, the two week run at the ADC opens on Tuesday and will give exam weary students the first glimpse of the skits and sketches before they hit the road.  The reputation of the troupe adds extra pressure on the writers and performers who seek to emulate some of the famous alumni and produce new and topical material that has universal appeal. 

Producer and tour manager Alex Cartlidge told TCS, “it's going to be very exciting and interesting to track the progress and development of the show. We have some really strong sketches which we are looking forward to putting out there!” 

Once the fortnight long run at the ADC show closes at the end of May Week, the performers are set to take to the road and play to audiences in London, the Edinburgh Fringe and North America.  ”I think I'm most excited for L.A. and Las Vegas. It's going to be an amazing experience and a great way to finish university!” Alex added. 

Director and writer Tom Fairbairn is looking forward to watching the varied audience reactions in Cambridge and on tour: “The material we've got at the moment is really good, “he told TCS, “there's some more experimental audio-visual elements in the show but also some classic sketchy-sketches. It will be great finally to have contact with an audience and see how it goes down.”

The show is set to return to the ADC for week 0 of Michaelmas, and is likely to have had made many tweaks and changes. “As a director, I believe acting is 99% reacting. I'm really looking forward to seeing how the show develops over the next few months,” Tom added. 

The stamina needed for such a long run is always a test any young performer has to pass, ad as for making sure that the cast on their toes over the summer, Tom has a game plan already. “I'm going to keep the cast motivated by acting as a kind of drill sergeant, especially as the tour goes on and they begin to fatigue. 'I don't care if it's 5.30am, get out of bed and get in the kayak now!!' is the kind of phrase I look forward to using. “

The Footlights International Show Tour, Lagoon, runs at the ADC between June 7th- June 18th.