Sharing a brew with Cambridge University Tea Society

Peter Charles 7 November 2013

1. What do you do?

Tea lovers of the world unite! We provide a selection of imported teas, from all around the world. Typically, we drink white and herbal teas as they have a variety of gorgeous flavours. Hardly your normal Tetleys! It goes without saying that we provide a delicious selection of biscuits and cakes. After all, what is tea without cake?

2. Who can join?

Open to all, even the coffee drinkers amongst you! We'll make tea lovers out of you yet.

3. Unique Selling Point?

A friend put it best when he said ‘tea is a bit like a good wine, it relaxes you’. That is what we are all about, having a few nice cuppas whilst you while away the afternoon. Of course, for the true tea connoisseur we have about five to six lovely teas to sample each meeting. What could be better?

4. When do you meet?

Typically once a week during term. Days can vary, but traditionally it has been Friday afternoons.

5. How can students get involved?

Simply come to the next meeting and bring a mug!