'She was a massive cow': Bovine theft at Origin8

Katie Spenceley 25 January 2008

A life-sized statue of a cow and her calf were rustled from a Cambridge delicatessen and put out to pasture in the Diana Memorial Garden.

The cow, Sharon, and her calf, Tracey, were taken from Origin8 deli on St.Andrews Street. The two proved an instant hit with tourists visiting Christ’s Pieces.

Origin8 employee Natalie Davidson said: “There were a few tourists down there taking pictures. One of them said they were going to put their film on YouTube. Maybe Sharon will become a star.

“We have had trouble with Sharon before. She wouldn’t fit into the window display and we had to cut a bit of her off to squeeze her in. She is a massive cow.

Sharon was discovered by a local shop worker out on a cigarette break, who informed the shop of her whereabouts: “We were shocked – we couldn’t believe it.

“She used to be in our shop window so a lot of people recognised her.

“We had taken her out of the window display and put her behind a security fence.

“It must have taken three or four strong men to lift her. She weighs a tonne and is really awkward to lift – being a cow with four legs.”

Sharon and her calf have now been returned to the shop after it took four people to move her from the park.

The Manager of Origin8 told The Cambridge Student (TCS): “We are very glad to have the cow back. “We believe it was taken by three drunken people for a joke.

“The only mystery now is how they got it out of the back of the building.”

Katie Spenceley