Should you be reading this? 80% of students spend three hours a day timewasting

Joseph Winters 24 April 2014

80% of students admit to spending three hours a day timewasting, according to a recent nationwide survey. published a survey this week, the results of which show that 35% of respondents spend three to four hours of doing nothing in particular, whilst 28% say they waste five to six hours every day.

Boys have been shown to waste more time, with 21% spending over seven hours a day procrastinating compared to 16% of girls. 39% of students admitted to procrastinating more during the final term of university when there are exams, final coursework due or dissertation deadlines.

Michael Tefula, author of  Student Procrastination: Seize the Day and Get More Work Done adds: “Deadlines determine what procrastination is and what it isn’t. When the workload increases, we turn to ordinary activities to avoid doing the work that is required. This is why cleaning your room is more bearable (and perhaps even enjoyable) in the final term than in the first.

“All students should be offered a chance to attend a lecture on how to manage procrastination. I am surprised at how little is being done in this area, especially when according to the Student Beans survey so many students are spending too much time procrastinating.”

Among the answers given, “to avoid studying or work” was the primary reason students procrastinated (40%). This was followed by boredom (20%), habit (21%) and those that just can’t stop (14%).

Browsing the Internet was the biggest source of procrastination (39% say it is their number one distraction) followed by social media (29%), TV shows (16%) and chatting with friends (5%).

Yet a second year Trinity Hall historian told TCS: “I think procrastination is a vital part of the revision cycle. It forces you to pull your socks up.”