Simon Says…

31 January 2008

My facebook profile has been hacked into by an associate, with the end result being that many of my friends believe that my birthday is today, when it is in fact on the 29th July. I have received many congratulatory facebook messages, birthday cards, a cake, and heard that a surprise party is in the works. What is the correct etiquette in dealing with the situation?

– Embarrassed of Emmanuel

Simon Says…

The correct protocol in dealing with this is:

1) Remove all facebook friends who sent you birthday messages. Make new friends who can remember your real birthday.

2) Call your parents and ask why they haven’t sent you a birthday present.

3) Play along until you get your cake and surprise party. These two things are not to be turned down.

4) Turn the situation to your advantage. Comments expressing disappointment that your friends fell for such a puerile prank will make them feel a lot more embarrassed than you. And they don’t have any birthday cake to cheer them up.

5) DO NOT retaliate by changing the sexuality or gender of your “associate” on facebook. This is just immature, change their password instead.