Smother your mother with love this Sunday

Freya Sanders 27 March 2014

1. For the callous children who remain in Cambridge

For all you know, at this very moment she’s lamenting the sorry fact that you’re choosing the faculty library over her; she may even be expecting you to utterly forget that it’s Mother’s Day this weekend. If you’re heart is sinking because her assumption is correct, read on.

There’s only one way to redeem yourself, and that’s through the joys of Interflora. This online florist will make sure that wherever you may be in the world, when Mum hears a knock on the door on Sunday it’ll be something significantly more exciting than Sainsbury’s deliver.

2. If you want to make a day of it

The weather’s supposed to be warming up for the weekend; take advantage of it by treating your mum to afternoon tea in the garden or a picnic in the park. Home baking is a must; scones are simple, but if you’re feeling adventurous, attempt making one of the Picnic basket pies made famous by the season finale of Bake Off.

If your baking is likely to be considered more of a trial than a treat, and your bank account can take it, think about taking your mum somewhere vaguely posh for breakfast or suggest a spa day.

3. For the finalist who’s too busy revising

You may be planning to (re)read The Complete Works of Shakespeare before lunchtime on Sunday, but spare two minutes to assemble a sumptuous breakfast in bed; it's a Mother's Day classic because it works every time. If you have younger and less occupied siblings, exploit them by sending them to the shops to buy her favourite kind of muffin. If not, explore the depths of the freezer and cobble together something special-looking, put the kettle on and hunt for a flower/dandelion/twig with which you can adorn the ensemble.

4. For the offspring that’s out of pocket

Mother’s Day falls at an inconvenient time: right at the end of the month; a month that began with end-of-term excess in Life. But fear not: options remain.

Obviously since you got home, you’ve been catatonic: getting up at midday and becoming fixated by a fridge full of things other than Basics cheese. After a term of fending for yourself, housework is probably pretty low on your list of priorities; why not change that and show you appreciate the little things?

Consider your mum’s least favourite chore, and, whether it be ironing, cooking or gardening, make sure you – uncomplainingly and competently – relieve her from its pressure this weekend. If you’ve got enough siblings you could attempt the full Spring clean, although it may cause detergent-related disaster. Whatever your plan, remember: mums are the principal proponents of the idea that ‘It’s the thought that counts’.