So Bad It’s Good: Jack and Jill

Marina Anastasi 24 January 2014

I’d never been a fan of Adam Sandler. Not only were the majority of his films painfully ridiculous, I found his personal comedic style nauseating. Don’t get me wrong, I could, to an extent, appreciate Sandler’s popularity- most people enjoy watching someone that elevates their own intelligence. Needless to say, when my sister proposed we watch Jack and Jill (2011), I was reluctant. Holding a score of 3% on Rotten Tomatoes, and becoming the first film to win every category at the 32nd Golden Raspberry Awards, with Sandler nominated for both Worst Actor and Worst Actress, my inner film prejudices seemed to be confirmed. It was in fact the overwhelming panning of Jack and Jill that eventually convinced me to watch it.

I can confirm, the critics were right; my previous views of Sandler, as expected, proved true. Yet I loved it. The film’s premise was simple: eccentric twin sister re-enters successful brother’s life and chaos ensues. Many of the jokes are typical of Sandler’s films. For example, the Mexican gardener and Jill’s love interest, Felipe plays on every Mexican stereotype, with his family get-to-together a particularly hilarious scene, with Jill’s ‘chimichanga bomb’ farts and break dancing highlights. Al Pacino’s role as a mentally unstable parody of himself was another highpoint, alongside his shameful, yet mesmerising ‘Dunkaccino’ advert that will make you question if you are watching the same actor who starred in The Godfather and Scar Face. If you haven’t yet seen this sure-fire modern classic, do so immediately.