Space Travel for a Relaxing Spring Break

Catherine Pushnaya 23 March 2022
Image Credit: Catherine Pushnaya

Whether you are just seeking a day of rest during the spring break, or want a refuge from the news, exploring space is an excellent way to escape. And I am not talking about a standard visit to a planetarium, let us dive into even more exciting wonders of space.

Do you want to make your own black hole? You do not need to be an Interstellar artist to do that: a very realistic 3D version of it can be created in Blender. The latter is free to download, and Youtube tutorials of making your own cute celestial monster are relatively beginner-friendly. Trust me, it’s huge fun! Especially for someone like me who created stellar animations for research. Despite the beauty, I can tell you that it gets very old when you have to calculate the scene for hours before hopefully watching 30 seconds of wonky animation.

If you do not feel like creating a black hole, why not explore someone else’s? Outer Wilds has to be the greatest computer game for space enthusiasts. It has everything: a quantum moon, an inter-dimensional planet-consuming plant, a black hole, a white hole, and an excruciating amount of mystery. I will never forget how it made me afraid of outer space – and also crave it even more.

Or, on the other hand, if you find the black hole experience too easy – fret not, I have a challenge for you! There are examples how people try to create game engines with non-Euclidean geometry on Youtube. Or, well, it is more of a fancy word they use. They mainly just create portals, and never actually code the curved spacetime. If you want to create a proper non-Euclidean world – I’ll be happy to provide my skills, for it is not a feat to accomplish alone.

And if even that sounds too easy, the last space-related activity I can recommend is solve the confinement of quarks. Then it truly won’t matter if you get a First or not – is that not a comforting thought when Easter term is approaching?

Good luck with revision!