Spoiling the Ballot: CUSU Elections Blog 7 – Nominations

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Nominations have closed and the candidates for the CUSU elections 2010 have been announced. Only nine candidates have put themselves forward for the six sabbatical roles, compared to thirteen last year and two of the nine candidates have already broken the elections rules, scarcely an hour and a half after the start.

As predicted by The Cambridge Student, the battle for President will be contested between Rahul Mansigani, former Robinson JCR President, and Beccy Talmy, the current CUSU Mental Health Officer. As CUSU Communications Officer, Mansigani has been able to get his name in every student’s inbox once a week; an advantage considered unfair by many involved with CUSU. This advantage does not seem to be enough for Mansigani, however, who was found by The Cambridge Student to have made his Facebook group public before the official start of campaigning, a breach of the rules.

After the revelation in this column that Chris Lillycrop was planning to stand for Coordinator, Luke Hawksbee was forced into a rethink and has opted to run for Education Officer. Lillycrop is unopposed, but Hawksbee will be up against current member of the Education Team, Maria Helmling. Within 45 minutes of nominations closing, Helmling was also found by The Cambridge Student to have broken the elections rules. Gerard Tully, the Returning Officer, has agreed.

The final contested race is that of Women’s Officer with Sarah Peters-Harrison up against Anna Goulding. Anna Goulding, an Education Not For Sale supporter, seems likely to run more of a passioned campaign and focus on national issues. Peters-Harrison, the former Murray Edwards Women’s Officer, will probably take a more moderate stance, but may appeal to a broader base of voters.

The experienced Andy McGowan is unopposed for the position of Access Officer and is likely to push for Access to be ‘at the heart of everything CUSU does’. McGowan has held several positions including Trinity Hall Access Officer, CUSU Target Schools Officer and NUS HE Funding Campaign Local Coordinator.

Non-sabbatical roles are also lacking candidates. The pair of Sophie Hemery and Jamie Gibson is unopposed for the position of Ethical Affairs Chairs. There are six candidates for the five NUS delegates – Alex Evans, Luke Hawksbee, Fatima Junaid, Beccy Talmy, Amy Taylor and Rahul Mansigani.

Grayden Webb

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