Spoiling The Ballot – CUSU Elections Blog Week 4

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A week is a long time in politics. In this very space last week, Chris Lillycrop was writing about the battle for President, but now it looks as though he will be squaring up against Luke Hawksbee for Coordinator.

Lillycrop, the former CUSU Chair and vocal Council member, will be the clear favourite against Hawksbee, the de facto leader of left-wing activism in Cambridge. The announcement that Hawksbee will run for Coordinator, a managerial role, will surprise many who expected him to go for a more political role.

His anti-capitalist message, though currently fashionable, is unlikely to impress voters who will be looking for a Coordinator who can manage CUSU’s finances efficiently under growing financial pressures.

At the last meeting of CUSU Council, Hawksbee stood up alongside Beccy Talmy, who had declared herself a candidate 12 months before the election, to oppose a ban on slates. Despite Hawksbee and Talmy’s public disagreement over the direction of left-wing politics in Cambridge, the two have sparked rumours of a united left slate possibly including Jacob Wills for Education Officer.

Although it is still early days, no candidate has yet announced any interest in the job of Education Officer.

Rahul Mansigani, who, in all but words, announced his intention to stand for President through CUSU Bulletin, has been meeting various former JCR Presidents to convince them to take the role, including Ali Jaffer, Lydia Green and Joe Farish.

The intentions of Farish look uncertain as he is yet to confirm which defender of student rights he will be working for next year – CUSU, NUS or Barclay’s Capital.

The absence of Sam Wakeford from Elections Committee may indicate his intention to re-stand for the position.

Looking to the national scale, it appears Tobin Webb, Bristol President, may have struck a deal to be NUS President 2012-2014 succeeding Aaron Porter, despite Webb’s cringe-worthy campaign video comparing him to Luke Skywalker.

As NUS affiliation becomes a contentious issue in Cambridge, NUS may be damaging its chances by selecting a candidate who missed a personal meeting with the Russell Group after oversleeping.

Grayden Webb

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