Spoiling The Ballot – CUSU Elections Blog Week 6

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Over the last six weeks, TCS has brought you the latest news on candidates in the CUSU elections. After nominations close at noon on Monday, we will know for sure who is standing for which position, what the main policies are and who forgot to submit their nomination in time.

The big names in CUSU are still meeting frantically in coffee shops, jostling to avoid a heavyweight battle and secure an easy election. Rahul Mansigani’s early intentions to stand for President seem to have diverted many people away from contesting the top position. His presence on the front cover of Varsity last week, apparently supporting the Student Support campaign, was a clear publicity stunt given he had not been involved in campaigning.

The only competition to Mansigani appears to be coming from Beccy Talmy, despite the attempts of many to persuade her to run for Student Support Officer. Beccy, a self-proclaimed anarcho-communist, will provide a welcome contrast to Mansigani, who is yet to express an opinion on anything controversial.

Rumours first published in this column have led many to announce they won’t stand and there seems to be a lack of candidates this year.  Recently Asa Odin Ekman, Ali Jaffer and David Lowry, three former JCR presidents, have all announced they will not run. Ben Hosford, a long-standing member of the CUSU Executive, has not expressed any interest and Fatima Junaid, current CUSU Chair, appears to be lining up a bid for a position in 2011.

Joe Farish will not be standing for any sabbatical position and has also decided not to run as an NUS delegate. On a positive note, twice-withdrawn candidate for president Guolong Li appears to have retired from student politics. After three consecutive defeats in the Churchill JCR elections, he did not make an appearance in the latest round.

It also appears Andrew Noakes, the reformer of Peterhouse Politics Society, may be set to stand for Education Officer. We’ll have to wait to see whether Lydia Green, former Sidney SSCSU President, will stand against him. Hustings in colleges across Cambridge next week will give all students the chance to grill candidates face-to-face before voting on the first three days of March.  All the details can be found on the CUSU website and will be reported in The Cambridge Student.

Grayden Webb

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