Gown boxers vanquish town

On a grueling boxing battlefield, Cambridge University Amateur Boxing Club (CUABC) were a mighty force last week, winning all but one bout against the town's fighters.

The dominant display bears testament to the team's determination and hard work.

The night commenced with an all CUABC bout between Greg Nance and Simon Senaussi, with the latter claiming victory. Then, things got serious. The first Town vs. Gown match involved Aron Schleider (CUABC) and Sam Grant (Portsmouth ABC).

Schleider held no hostages, courtesy of his deadly swift jabs. Although the judges were split, it seemed like an easy result for Schleider who earned the prize for ‘Best Boxer of the Night'. Next, Chris Perry of King's took on Daniel Aero (Cambridge ABC). Aero dominated until Perry's nose started bleeding. Maybe it was the sight of his own blood or a sense of desperation, but suddenly Perry came back with a new- found ferocity, eventually grasping the match thanks to his agility.

Nick Edelman (Hughes Hall) and Andrew Butcher (Iceni ABC) took to the stage subsequently. Initially, Butcher imposed himself on the more muscular Edelman, avoiding his punches and retaliating with instinctive speed. But when his time came, Edelman hammered a punch to the face, flooring Butcher. The Iceni man rose, but only momentarily; Edelman was declared victorious after landing the only knock out of the night.

Catastrophe struck when Kristofferson Ren (Wolfson) became the town's only scalp, losing to AJ, a huge battler from King's College London ABC. Despite some impressive evasive maneuvers, Ren was brutally conquered, succumbing to the relentless aggression of his opponent.

Normal order was soon restored. A simple Gown win was followed by another all CUABC bout where Richard Rolands of King's was the champion. Next cam Seb Pender (Peterhouse) and Phil Richardson (DC Academy ABC). A tough fight, but Gown again proved strongest. An affair between Borna Guevel (Hughes Hall) and Kris Loginvos (Wisbech ABC) was entertaining. The tight contest saw a flurry of powerful punches before Borna secured more pride for the university.

Danny Leaper (Robinson) and Ali (CUABC) stepped into the ring for the penultimate duel, the latter winning, before Corpus' Chris Meurice completed a spectacular night's work for the University against Liam Melanie (Cambridge Police ABC). Meurice expertly employed his superior fitness and discipline as he pummeled Melanie to earn a unanimous points decision.

A perfect finale to a historic night.

Zulfiqar Ali

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