Lent Bumps Round-up

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Bumps are over for another term, and it’s soon to be business as usual on the River Cam; but if you’ve missed out on the excitement, never fear – TCS Sport is here to give you a round-up of the highs and lows of the week.

In the men’s division, Downing obtained the headship from Caius in their first race, and maintained it through the week; yet in the women’s division, the headship was lost by Downing to First and Third on Thursday. FaT has otherwise seen a bad season: M1 and M2 were both bumped by Jesus in their first race and Lady Margaret in their second, a particularly unfortunate coincidence, and have since been awarded Spoons, although W2 managed to avoid this with a row-over today.

St Catharine’s are likely to be celebrating the most tonight. Not only has M1 obtained Blades, but M2 has moved up more than any other crew on the river, thanks to an overbump over Peterhouse M2 on Tuesday. This surely makes up for the narrow failure (which cost the boat Blades) to make the same overbump last year. Although the women’s crews have not done quite so well, they have nevertheless avoided being bumped at all.

Captain of the boat club, Chris Quarton, told The Cambridge Student: "One factor you can always rely on is the Catz spirit - the sheer passion and tenacity that Catz rowers seem to find during bumps is fantastic. For the men, the first day certainly set the tone for this, with M2 chasing down the overbump they were denied on the last day last year, and M1 producing a huge performance to escape ‘two of the fastest crews on the river’ behind them. Whilst the women haven't had quite the same ‘luck of the bumps’, their performances have shown just as much spirit... Naturally I'm hugely grateful to all the club's members, coaches, fellows and sponsors for their generous support."

In the women’s division, the only Blades have gone to the combined Hughes Hall & Lucy Cavendish crew, with Spoons for King’s, St Edmund’s, Clare Hall and Caius II. Additional Spoons amongst the men's crews go to Corpus Christi M2, Selwyn M2, Anglia Ruskin M1, Christ’s M2 and (particularly dramatically) Trinity Hall M1.

Pembroke W1 have seen the largest fall (6 places, having been overbumped by Clare I on Wednesday). In the men’s division, Queens’ M3 also fell by 6 places, after an overbump on Wednesday by Darwin II. Most colleges have changed positions over the course of the week, although Churchill M1 have rowed-over every day.

Yet there’s more to Bumps than rowing: there are also the fines exacted by umpires. The largest of these (£80) are for public urination: the crews at fault have been First and Third M3, Homerton M1, Jesus M2 and Wolfson M2. Sidney Sussex W1 were also given a large fine of £50 on Friday for “foul and abusive language towards Chief Umpire”. It remains to be seen which colleges will be on their best and worst behaviour after the traditional boat club dinners which will follow tonight.

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