Men's and Women's Boat Race crews announced

The two crews that will contest the 2014 BNY Mellon Boat Race
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The two crews that will contest the 2014 Newton Women’s Boat Race
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The crews for the 160th BNY Mellon Men’s Boat Race and the Newton Women’s Boat Race were announced yesterday, with both Cambridge crews weighing in as heavier than rivals Oxford.

The women’s teams weighed in first, with Oxford’s team distinctly more international than the all-British Light Blue line up, as well as being 32.2kg lighter. Oxford row with Canadian international Liz Fenje at Bow; Alice Carrington-Windo at 2; Maxie Scheske at 3; Nadine Graedel Iberg at 4; Anastasia Chitty at 5; Lauren Kedar at 6; Amber DeVere at 7; and ex-Harvard rower Laura Saverese at Stroke. Their Cox is Erin Wysocki-Jones and their total weight including the Cox is 603.2kg, with an average of 67kg.

Cambridge women have returning Blue Caroline Reid at Bow; Kate Ashley at 2; Holly Game at 3; Izzy Vyvyan at 4; Girton fresher Catherine Foot at 5; Melissa Wilson at 6; Claire Watkins at 7; and Emily Day competing in her third Varsity race at Stroke. Their Cox is also their President, Esther Momcilovic, who coxed the lightweight boat in 2011 and the women’s Blue crew in 2012. Whereas Oxford have five international rowers in their boat, Cambridge have selected five girls who only learnt to row at university, with head coach Rob Baker indicating a long-term outlook on both the race and the team, as it moves from Henley to the same course as the men from 2015.

The Oxford men weighed in lighter than Cambridge by 20.2 kg. Three Olympians are set to row in the Dark Blue boat, including their President Malcolm Howard, who won gold in the 2008 Beijing Olympics men’s eights and silver in 2012 in London. Oxford has Storm Uru, another Olympian, at Bow; Chris Fairweather at 2; four-time Blue Karl Hudspith at 3; Thomas Swartz at 4; Malcolm Howard, the heaviest rower at 108.2kg, at 5; Michael Di Santo at 6; junior world champion for New Zealand Sam O’Connor at 7; and Constantine Louloudis at Stroke, seeking to make it a hat-trick of victories, having won in 2011 and 2013 and taken a year out for the Olympics in 2012. They will be coxed by Laurence Harvey, the youngest member of the crew.

Although Cambridge's head coach Steve Trapmore admits that “there’s nowhere near the depth of experience that Oxford have”, the Cambridge boat looks to be strong. The Light Blues have Michael Thorp rowing at Bow for his fifth year; Luke Juckett at 2; Ivo Dawkins at 3; their President Steve Dudek rows at 4, looking to overturn Cambridge’s loss last year having won in 2011; Helge Gruetjen, self-described as “tall, male and German” is the Cambridge 5; Matthew Jackson rows at 6; Josh Hooper rows for the Blues at 7, having rowed for Goldie; and Henry Hoffstot is at Stroke. First-year Ian Middleton coxes for the Light Blues, having coxed GB’s men’s eight at the Junior World Championships last year.

Whilst Oxford’s president, Malcolm Howard, believes “it would take a truly special crew to beat us”, Cambridge’s president, Steve Dudek, is optimistic of a good response following the loss last year, saying that “there’s a lot of freakish natural talent either side of me”.  It promises to be an exciting race.

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