Match report: 'mini varsity' netball

Image credit: Claire Ganville

On Saturday afternoon a coach full of Oxford students descended upon Jesus College sports grounds. The students from Hertford College in Oxford had come to face Jesus at netball and rugby, in a sort of ‘mini-varsity.’ The teams were very enthusiastic, cheering each other on from the side lines, with the Jesus mascot making an appearance, as the matches began.

The girls fielded four netball teams between the two colleges, so two matches were played consecutively. The matches were short but sweet to ensure they were finished before darkness. The atmosphere around the netball courts was competitive and excitable, with both teams trying their utmost to beat the competition.

The first game was close, with Jesus generally one or two goals ahead every quarter, but with Hertford fighting back relentlessly. Numerous goals were scored by Jesus’ varsity player Maddy Eno, whilst Chloe Merrell, another varsity player, played extremely well as goal defence. The teams were otherwise made up of a variety of students from different year groups and subjects, making for a good community college feeling on both sides of the match.

The first match ended with a 10-7 win for Jesus, with very good play from both sides.

The second match involved a lot of excited shouting and several slips on the icy courts. The teams seemed to respond well to the support from the side lines and this spurred them on to put in as much effort as possible. With some great goals from the Jesus captain of netball Claire Ganville and some fantastic playing in the midfield by Jazlene Ong, the previous netball captain, it seemed as though Jesus were doing well, pulling back from their losses in the first two quarters to end the third quarter 8 all. Nevertheless, Hertford were persistent as ever and their attacking players managed to score 3 more goals in the last quarter to Jesus’ one.

So the second match ended with an 11-9 win for Hertford.

Overall the teams were suitably matched and got on very well with each other, spending the evening in Jesus bar and then heading on a swap to Mai Thai followed by a trip to Cambridge’s favourite club, Cindies.

The Hertford students caught a 2am coach back to Oxford having had a great taste of Cambridge nightlife.

The teams hope to continue these matches and make it into an annual event, with Jesus visiting Hertford next year. Claire, netball captain, and one of the main organisers of the event, said that “the games were really competitive and the two colleges got on really well. We had a really fun night afterwards and are looking forward to going to them next year.”

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