Corpus and Jesus fight for the ball in an intense netball match

Image credit: Lili Bidwell

It was a wet start to the day as overtired netball players trooped down to Jesus courts on Saturday morning, nevertheless, in spite of the rainy and slippery courts, this pathetic fallacy was shattered by the growing enthusiasm and competitiveness of the teams as they began to both warm up and wake up.

Jesus won the toss and started with the first centre pass, the passing was quick, and perhaps a little panicked, but the goals were quickly scored and the first six minute quarter ended with a score of 5-nil to Jesus.

A quick team talk and the teams were back on court for the second quarter. The game was much cleaner and the passing less scrappy, gone were the hopeful overhead lobs into the D and instead the girls began to run into space for those quick, short, snappy passes. Corpus were fighting back amazingly, and the game was very predictable, in that the team with the centre pass would consistently convert this into a goal, and vice versa.

And so the score steadily and evenly climbed, with the second quarter ending 15-10 to Jesus.

The third quarter saw the ladies’ aggression increasing and the yelling on court was a clear marker of this. The players egged each other on and were very vocal in their passing and encouragement for one another. The Jesus team had recognised the necessity of close, tight marking after Corpus had stepped it up so dramatically. Nevertheless the game remained largely the same, with some interceptions being made but possession generally remaining in the possession of the team who started the centre pass. The Corpus girls were feisty and their shooting was very accurate and reliable. Jesus too were effective in the D, but at times could be rash and throw away the ball.

The final quarter was perhaps the tensest, with Corpus only two goals behind Jesus. All players were giving their all and sprinting as fast as the slippery courts would allow them. The goals consistently went in, one after the other, alternating teams, with all members trying desperately to break the cycle, but to no avail. The game ended with a final score of 18-16 to Jesus, after very impressive progress from Corpus, yet unfortunately not quite enough to win them the game.

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