May Bumps round-up: Day three

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Kicking off the third day of the bumps competition, the Men’s and women’s lower divisions took to the river. The conditions were good, certainly less windy than yesterday.

There was a remarkable performance from Homerton W2 who managed to bump Lucy Cav/Hughes Hall W3 whilst Christ’s W3 and Queen’s W3 bumped out in between them. Fitzwilliam W2 and Magdalene W2 both continued down the table on their way to spoons.

Lady Margaret M4 and Clare M4 swapped places in the table again, it will be interesting to see If Clare M4 can hold on to their lead in the final race tomorrow. Churchill M3 successfully bumped up into the fourth division, at the expense of Queen’s M4 who joined the fifth division. At the bottom of the table Emmanuel M4 and Pembroke M5 rowed over again.

In the men’s fourth division Clare Hall M1 and Wolfson M2 are well on their way to spoons, as Pembroke M3, Anglia Ruskin M1 and Caius M3 all surge up the table towards blades. Hughes Hall M2 were unfortunately bumped down to where they started, whilst King’s M2 were the only crew to have rowed over every day so far.

Newnham W3 steamed ahead in their race today, bumped Trinity Hall W2 back to their starting position. Christ’s W2 and Emmanuel W3 did not have such a strong row as they were both bumped, by First and Third W2 and Lucy Cav/Hughes Hall W2 respectively, if they do not have more success tomorrow they will get spoons.

Peterhouse M2 were bumped by Lady Margaret M3 at grassy, the latter crew are now well within reach of winning blades. After some confusion between St. Catherine’s M2 and Christ’s M2, the result came out as St. Catherine’s M2 were awarded a bumped in spite of the fact that the umpire did not see the Christ’s cox concession. Trinity Hall M2 and Emmanuel M2 rowed over pretty much on station the whole way, whilst Robinson M2 bumped Magdalene M2 behind them. Queen’s M3 bumped for the third time, setting them up for blades, whilst Jesus M3 lost their chance of blades by failing to catch Fitzwilliam M2.

The women’s second division saw Downing W2 maintain their position in the division, having bumped up from the third division, at the top of the division, Homerton W1 did not quite make it into the first division, although they did manage to bump in the first of their races as sandwich boat. Selwyn W1, Robinson W1 and Corpus Christi W1 are all on for spoons at this point, whilst Wolfson W1 are within reach of winning blades.

The M2 division had several bumps, Pembroke M2 on Clare M2, Sidney Sussex M2 on Darwin M1 at the bottom of the table, whilst closer to the top, Wolfson M1 bumped Fitzwilliam M1, placing them at third in the division.

The women’s first division was extremely interesting as Jesus W1 managed to bump Caius W1 out of first place, to make them head of the river. If they succeed in holding off Caius W1 tomorrow, they will have won headship in both Lents and Mays, an amazing achievement for the crew. Caius W1 may have more bad news tomorrow as Emmanuel W1 are coming up strong behind them and will be very determined to bump as they are currently on for blades.

The men’s first division saw Lady Margaret M1 retain their place at the top of the table, with Clare M1 unable to catch them. Emmanuel M1 bumped for the third time, like their W1 crew, it seems this college is doing well this bumps. Magdalene M1 on the other hand managed a second bump, having a significantly better race than their female counterparts.  Christ’s M1 bumped Churchill M1, an amazing feat seeing as they began in the second division.

Overall the races were exciting for all involved, and it will be extremely interesting to see if the crews are able to manage to win blades or avoid spoons in Saturday’s races. 

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