May Bumps round up: Day four

Image credit: Tom George

It was an eventful final day on the river, as the crowds gathered on the banks of the river in the sweltering heat.

St. Catherine’s W3 had a very successful campaign, starting at the bottom of the division and bumping up to twelfth place, winning blades. Lucy Cav/Hughes Hall W3 continued their bumpy ride, bumping Christ’s W3 and finishing in ninth place. Anglia Ruskin W1 sadly continued on a stretch of bad luck, getting bumped by Darwin W2 and therefore finishing third in the division despite starting off in first place.

Emmanuel M4 finally managed to catch Pembroke M5 after having chased them for three days in a row, Peterhouse M3 meanwhile took advantage of the downward movement of St. Catherine’s M4 as they bumped back up to the position in which they started.  The long battle between Clare M4 and Lady Margaret M4 was at last concluded as Clare M4 bumped up whilst Lady Margaret M4 rowed over.

Downing M3 plummeted down into the fourth division and will now be awarded spoons. Pembroke M3 on the other hand had a very successful bumps campaign, successfully winning blades, as did Anglia Ruskin M1, having much more luck than their female counterparts.

Newnham W3’s hopes of blades were dashed today as they failed to bump, Lady Margaret W2 remaining untouchable, however in spite of this they did succeed in being the highest W3 boat on the river. Christ’s W2 and Emmanuel W3 were both bumped for the fourth time, getting spoons.

In the men’s third division St. Catherine’s M2’s hopes of blades were crushed as they failed to catch a very strong Queens’ M2, in spite of the fact that it was the seventh time Queens’ had raced due to being sandwich boat. Lady Margaret M3 however, had more success and bumped their way to blades. Trinity Hall M2 put in a good fight chasing Emmanuel M2 but unfortunately for them the Emmanuel crew kept them on stations and they were soon caught by Robinson M2.

The women’s second division saw just Wolfson W1 win blades after a strong performance this week, whilst Robinson W1, Selwyn W1 and Corpus Christi W1 all received spoons. Homerton W1 managed to scrape their way into the first division by bumping Magdalene W1 today.

In the M2 division Trinity Hall M1 narrowly escaped spoons by holding Corpus Christi M1 off today. Wolfson M1, on the other hand, were not as lucky as they failed to catch the crew ahead of them, missing out on blades. At the bottom of the division Sidney Sussex M1 made it to thirteenth place, winning blades in the process.

Jesus W1 were the headship winners this year, an amazing achievement following their headship win in Lent bumps too. Downing W1 gave way to a strong Newnham W1 and received spoons in spite of starting as head of the river. Emmanuel W1 performed very strongly, bumping Caius W1 at Ditton corner, and winning blades, finishing second on the river.

Emmanuel had further success in the men’s first division, as their M1 bumped Jesus M1 to win blades. Lady Margaret M1 remained untouchable as head of the river, after having taken this position from Caius M1 last year. Robinson M1 came very close to blades but unfortunately rowed over today as the crews in front bumped out.

All in all it was a dramatic day on the cam as always, as the crews set out to give it their all, in spite of the overwhelmingly hot weather. 

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