Day three of Lent Bumps cancelled as Storm Emma hits Cambridge

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The CUCBC have officially announced that no racing will go ahead on the third day of Lent Bumps 2018.

Fourth, second and first division racing was scheduled to take place throughout the afternoon.

A statement sent out to captains from CUCBC Chair Dr David Munday read:

"We have assessed both river and towpath conditions mid morning today, and after careful discussion the CUs have decided that the combination of very low temperature, high wind and windchill, and frozen towpath surface, mean that racing cannot safely take place today.

Today's racing is therefore cancelled completely due to safety reasons, and in particular the risks of consequences that could rapidly become extemely serious in the event of significant delays or accidents during racing."

The cancellation follows a similar postponement on Wednesday, when racing was cut short ahead of the M3 division due to icy conditions on the towpath. A cox who was bank partying reportedly fell off her bike and broke her arm. Bank parties had been limited to two earlier in the day due to the unsafe conditions. 

M1 and W1 are yet to take to the Cam, and competition organisers are now faced with a substantial tailback of eight races with all divisions due to compete in a packed Saturday schedule. 

"We are continuing efforts to see if gritting the towpath is allowable or practicable," Munday's statement went on. "But it is already clear from the County Council's initial response that we would need formal permission to do so ourselves.

"We would caution that with a further very cold night forecast and subzero temperatures and snow on Friday in the daytime, no significant improvement in conditions currently looks likely, but we will again assess later today and tomorrow morning."

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