Lent Bumps day two: detached houseboats, Downing confusion and collisions galore

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Day two of Lent Bumps 2018 was short but sweet, as conditions on the towpath forced the CUCBC to suspend action ahead of the M3 race. It might not have been the heady heights of division one, but there was still plenty of drama out on the Cam.

College of the Cam: Easy pickings for Gonville & Caius as all three of their crews in action secured bumps

Crew with the TCS Colours: First and Third W2, kudos for the first redemptive bump of 2018


Bumps: Caius 3 on Sidney 2; Caius 4 on St Catherine’s 3; Wolfson 2 on St Edmund’s 2; Hughes Hall 2 on Pembroke 3

Sandwich Boat: Caius 3

It was heartbreak for Sidney Sussex as they lost their headship to Caius 3 after failing to bump up in M3 yesterday, despite a promising start up to First Post. Caius 4 backed up their seniors’ success with a shock bump on St Catherine’s 3, suffering their second consecutive demotion. But there was bemusement further down the division, as Pembroke 3 stopped rowing on the Gut after their cox blew up, convinced that they had hit something. Homerton 2 duly crashed into the stationary boat after taking a recklessly tight line, managing to treat the few hardy spectators on the bank to a splash of icy Cam water. It emerged later that it was Pembroke who in fact had been bumped by Hughes Hall, continuing their rich vein of form.

Downing 3 showed somewhat more resilience, holding off Trinity Hall with only half a boat length between them coming onto Plough Reach – such was the heat of the pursuit that they almost ploughed into the back of St Edmund’s, bumped by Wolfson, who hastily pushed over to the bank. Queens’ took a bizarrely wide line on Ditton Corner, but Homerton 2 were once again unable to capitalise and remain Tail of the River.  



Bumps: Sidney Sussex 2 on Murray Edwards 3; Emmanuel 3 on Queens’ 3

Sandwich Boat: Sidney Sussex 2

In a repeat of the premature drama on Tuesday, the six-strong W4 division was immediately cleared out. A flying start from Sidney earned them a scalp over Medwards ahead of First Post. Emmanuel 3’s could be a surprise sandwich boat in W3 later on this week, making strong headway up the standings at the expense of Queens’.  It was not much of a battle between Homerton and Pembroke though, both teams seeming content with a row over, nonchalantly drifting round Ditton Corner with a good three lengths between them.



Bumps: Corpus Christi 1 on Christ’s 2; St Catherine’s 2 on Queens’ 2 (overbump); First and Third 2 on Jesus 3; Downing 2 on Murray Edwards 2; Caius 2 on Darwin 2; Lady Margaret 3 on Newnham 3; Lucy Cavendish 2 on Clare 3

Sandwich Boat: Corpus Christi 1

W4 was a non-starter, but the third division warmed the cockles with some quintessential Bumps mayhem involving the second crews of King’s, Darwin, Caius and Trinity Hall. Darwin were a fraction away from a redemptive bump on King’s as they moved past First Post, only to be caught themselves by Caius. King’s still pulled over to the side, and Trinity Hall were unable to avoid the row of boats, crashing into Caius leading to their cox unfortunately being hit on the head by a blade. As various officials clad in high-vis buzzed round the riverbank, Trinity Hall were told to pull back out and were ultimately granted a technical row over.  

At the top of the division, Christ’s 2 were upset by Corpus on Grassy after veering towards the bank at the start of the race. There was the second overbump of the competition as St Catherine’s 2 caught Queens’, who had initially looked hopeful of a bump on St Edmund’s first crew.

There was also a dramatic curveball for the W3 rowers, as a houseboat became detached from its mooring and drifted out into the middle of the river. The finish line had to be moved to avoid it. 

As M3 took their starting positions, the CUCBC officially announced that action on the river was to be suspended due to dangerous conditions on the towpath. A cox reportedly fell off her bike while bank partying and broke her arm. Bank parties had already been limited to two due to the ice. Thursday's action has subsequently been cancelled as Storm Emma rolls into town. 

Until Friday, division one. 

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