Sporting moments: Ballroom and Latin dancing

Eleanor Simmons 23 January 2014

In TCS Sport’s new weekly feature, we delve into some of our athletes’ most memorable experiences. This week, we spoke to Kien Trinh, captain of the Ballroom and Latin dance team, about his… 

Most fearful moment:

For every dancer, standing at the edge of the floor waiting for the compere to announce the numbers of competitors making it into the final is always a nerve-wrecking experience. Due to the subjective nature of the sport, you never know if you have made it until your number is called out. I often stand with my back to the floor so I can’t see. 

Most disillusioned moment:

My partner and I got a very disappointing result at our first British National Championship. To have the compere announcing our number into the next round, only to find out a second later that he had made a mistake, was upsetting and humiliating. You have to remind yourself of the good times, pick yourself up and head back to training.

Most inspiring moment:

Watching the final of the Professional Latin at the Open British Championship in Blackpool, the oldest and most prestigious dancesport competition in the world. It was inspiring to see the elite performers giving their all. On top of that, I got to meet my dancesport idol Joanna Leunis for the first time.

Happiest training moment:

I love standing in a circle with my teammates waiting for the result of the National Championship or Varsity Match. Although it is also a nervous time, I have always felt proud and thankful to be part of the Cambridge University Dancesport Team. We’re all in it together and we will always leave with our heads held high.

Most physically painful moment:

A week before the Inter-Varsity Dancesport Competition (the National Championship for student dancers) in 2013, I managed to injure my knees and hamstring. I still remember dancing the Jive in the Final, and feeling my legs protesting at every kick. I tried to stay focused, kept smiling to hide the pain and give a good performance.

Most ridiculous moment:

A lesson in how to project sexual tension towards my partner. While I stand at a staggering 5’7, my dance teacher is about 6 foot tall and has been described by a fellow dancer of mine as “looking more like a rugby coach than a dance teacher”.