Sporting moments: Cycling

Eleanor Simmons 5 February 2014

This week, the men’s cycling captain Mike Smith tells us about his…  

Most fearful moment: During my first term cycling in Cambridge, my friend Dan and I found ourselves on the A14, at night, after getting lost. It’s a very busy dual carriage way!

Most disillusioned moment: Thinking that I might do well in my first ever road race. One and a half hours later, completely shattered, I finished stone dead last.

Most inspiring moment: Watching Mark Cavendish sprint to victory on the final stage of the 2012 Tour of Britain in Guildford. It was the first professional bike race I had seen in real life.

Most ridiculous moment: The number of professionals we saw during our training camp in Spain this year. I sat in a café opposite Mark Cavendish, that was pretty ridiculous.

Most physically painful moment: A  tough one, but probably my ill-fated experiment to see if it was possible to cycle with my eyes closed (I was 10 at the time). For what it’s worth, it is possible, but you can’t see the massive flower plant you’re about to cycle into.

Happiest moment: Cycling to the seaside town of Hunstanton during May Week last year. The weather was glorious, my exams were over and I was stress-free. Take me back!