Sporting Moments: Golf

Eleanor Simmons 30 January 2014

In TCS Sport’s new weekly feature, we delve into some of our athletes’ most memorable experiences. This week, we spoke to James Cumberland and Carl Rietschel, captain and secretary respectively of the men’s golf team, about their… 

Most nerve-wracking moment:
Carl: James and I played together in the ‘Dinner Match’ in first year. The two reserves from each team compete the day before the University Match to decide which University has to pay for the big dinner afterwards. There’s about £1,000 on the line and the pressure is very intense. It’s best of three points,with a morning Foursomes (doubles) match and two afternoon Singles games, so there’s nowhere to hide.

Most disappointing moment:
James: We don’t play in BUCS or a regional amateur league so the sole focus of our season is on beating Oxford. Losing the University Match last year, after two days of competition,was pretty tough.

Most ridiculous moment:
James: Waking up on the second morning of the University Match last year and opening the curtains to see snow everywhere. Luckily, some warmer air eventually blew in off the sea and it melted but we had a 3 and a half hour delay before we could play.

Happiest competitive moment?
James: My happiest moment has to be when I had an ‘Albatross’ (playing a par five in just two shots) in my Dinner
Match singles game when I holed a 3-wood from 240 yards.
Carl: In that Dinner Match, I had a putt on the eighteenth green for us to win 3-0. I had been practicing a celebration on the putting green earlier in the week and was able to unveil it when I holed the putt.

Most physically painful moment:
Carl: We played at Royal St George’s, the 2013 Varsity match venue, a month before the match. After eight hours outside in temperatures barely, if at all,above freezing, and with thirty mph winds, everything was pretty painful. Six layers of clothes weren’t enough to keep warm.

Most inspiring moment:
James: In the University Match last year, my partner, Nick Ramskill, was playing in his third and final Varsity. He’d lost his four previous matches but when we won on the 35th his elation reminded me just how significant Varsity is. He birdied the last hole of his singl es matchthe following day to win, which