Sporting Moments: Netball

Eleanor Simmons 19 February 2014

This week, TCS Sport spoke to Holly Gilbertson, captain of the Blues netball team, about her…

Most fearful moment: Coming up against a 6 ft 4 Australian guy while playing in a mixed league in Australia. It’s taken quite a bit more seriously out there as a social sport and these guys were extremely good. I spent most of the match running away from him, which unfortunately meant running away from the ball!

Most inspiring moment: Watching my first ever live international netball match at Wembley aged around 10. As netball’s a sport that’s still not widely covered on TV, this was the first time I’d seen it played at a level above my club level. Safe to say I was impressed, and there was no going back after that.

Most disillusioned moment: Thinking we had a chance while representing my school aged 14 against the Hong Kong national team in Hong Kong. After winning the first quarter on adrenaline, the humidity and 35 degree heat got the better of us, and we ended the game well and truly thrashed.

Most physically painful moment: Finally coming off court mid game for my club with a suspected collar bone fracture after playing on with two sprained ankles on concrete in torrential rain. I had some time out after that…

Happiest moment: Winning the regional tournament with my school for the first time. We ended up playing our biggest rivals in the deciding game and winning by one goal after shutting down their final attack in the dying seconds. I was captaining and my school had never won before so it felt like a pretty big deal at the time!

Best training moment: To be honest, the first training session this year at the new Sports Centre. After years of training in a local primary school and playing BUCS games at the Cherry Hinton community centre, having the facilities out at West Cambridge is a dream.

Most ridiculous moment: Discovering when our bus pulled into the docks that our training tour to Malta off peak in the middle of January coincided with the R&R stopover of a full ship load of Navy SEALs. We had a great week!