Spotlight On: Fine Line Drawings

Hannah Taylor 27 April 2014

I am a first year English student at Pembroke College. Art is something I’ve always taken an interest in and studied up to A-Level, though it’s only recently that I’ve taken it up as a hobby again. I started illustrating for The Cambridge Student, and then for the Footlights Spring Revue Mural – people seemed to quite like what I produced, and I simply carried on from there, eventually plucking up the courage to apply for publicity design roles and a column on Cambridge Creatives.

When I'm not in Cambridge, I live in an old farmhouse in Lancashire – as  a child my family would often holiday in little English villages and places of historic significance, so old buildings, especially churches and cathedrals, are a huge inspiration for me. I’m fascinated by the intricacy of their architecture, and my work tends to be heavily  detailed, though I’m working on a more stylistic approach; I like to capture unusual beauty and draw attention to exquisite things that are usually overlooked in my art.

Whilst my column tends to feature simpler images, I try and make my personal work more multi-layered, so I’ll often do a lot of research before creating a piece; my work on the Staffordshire Hoard, for example, involved drawing from the artefacts  themselves and copying out extracts of contemporary manuscripts. Filling my work with hidden as well as visible detail makes the process, and result, just a little more rewarding.

My main mediums are graphite and finewriter – I usually use colour sparingly. I’m keen to explore ways in which I can use Photoshop to enhance my illustrations, and have been experimenting with digital colouring; I recently submitted an Easter piece for my Cambridge Creatives column featuring rabbits, in which I used watercolour brushes in Photoshop to add a subtle hint of colour to fine line drawings. I’ve found that there are more creative opportunities during term time than out of it, and I do hope to continue illustrating alongside my studies –  though it is at times tempting to spend the evening drawing rather than reading!

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