Spotlight on: Vivid colours

Florence Lee 23 January 2014

I am a first year Geographer at Fitzwilliam College.  As far as I know, I have always been passionate about art, having taken up drawing at a young age. Art is important to me because it is all about precise, controlled movements combined with sporadic, spontaneous strokes, whilst at the same time blending ideas all together on a page. My drawing style is unique in that it combines hand- drawn outlines with vivid, bright colours. I usually pick up a pen when I’m feeling particularly creative or stressed, which often happens whilst in Cambridge! Each piece usually takes up enough time for me to feel more relaxed and calm.

This piece was inspired by the Varsity ski trip which I went on with a few good friends in December 2013. The ski trip was in the French Alps and I had an extremely enjoyable and exciting time up on the slopes, learning to ski for the first time and eating French cheese. After the trip, I started dreaming of being up on the mountains skiing: that feeling is entirely unique and exhilarating. I wanted a memento and started working on a piece with bright, surreal colours and a backdrop of the icy mountains.