Student arrested for assault

19 June 2008

A Cambridge student was arrested on suspicion of assault in a dramatic start to Suicide Sunday.

Twenty-three year-old Nadia Witkowski of Trinity College was arrested and cautioned for assault at the Wyverns’ Garden Party at Trinity Old Fields on Sunday June 15 after she allegedly lashed out at another student and several members of security staff.

Witkowski had competed against three others in the infamous Jelly wrestling tournament, which takes place at the Garden Party each year. The competition, which took place from 1pm, features female students wrestling each other in a paddling pool of jelly to win a £250 cash prize.

But things are said to have turned nasty when Witkowski was defeated by her opponent and booed by the crowd.

One student watching the jelly tournament says that he was standing two feet away from Witkowski when she attacked a crowd member who had been cheering on the contestants. He told The Cambridge Student (TCS):

” turned around and punched a girl in the crowd. She fell back and her nose literally exploded”.

The victim, speaking on condition of anonymity, told TCS that following her defeat in the tournament, Witowski turned around and said something inaudible in an aggressive manner. She alleged that her assailant then punched her in the face in “an unprovoked attack”.

According to a close friend of the victim, most bystanders did not notice at the time of the assault.

Shortly afterwards, as Witkowski attempted to leave the Garden Party, other witnesses claim that she became aggressive when security staff tried to remove the bottle of Lambrini she was carrying out of the event. One bystander said: “the bouncer asked her to put the bottle aside and she just kicked off. She tried to headbutt one of the bouncers.

“She was just still going for them so they had to call in reinforcements and sort of hold her down until the police came. They gave her several attempts to calm down,” he said. The police were then called at around 1.30pm.

Witkowski’s victim said that she had been contacted by police after the incident, who said that her assailant was “very apologetic for her behaviour”.

A Wyverns spokesman said: “Unfortunately there was one minor incident in which our security company felt it appropriate to call the police.

“Such behaviour is unacceptable and the person will not be admitted to future garden parties”.

Cambridgeshire Police confirmed that they were called out following reports of assault on about five people, one of whom was a female student. A police spokesman said: “a twenty-three year old woman from Milton Keynes was arrested on suspicion of assault and cautioned for assault.”

Witkowski declined to comment on the incident.