Student Aspiration Survey into university influence

Anna Carruthers 5 February 2015

The 30% Club, a group of business leaders concerned with gender balance, has launched the Student Aspiration Survey, aiming to provide insight into how university experiences, particularly those of women, influence future aspirations.

They are polling students on a wide range of issues including university culture and career support. The survey also wants to explore the unique experience of women, by asking questions on the extent to which women feel limited before they leave university.

The survey is being piloted at Cambridge, and aims to roll out to other universities later this year.  The results of the Cambridge survey will be announced on 9th March at The Cambridge University Delivering Equality Summit, in front of all college presidents and senior members of the university.

The survey is the brainchild of Helena Eccles, an undergraduate at the University of Cambridge. She commented: “"There has been a lot of debate about the "Cambridge experience" of late. Many voices are calling the institution's accessibility, academic pressure and social inclusivity into question. The Students' Aspiration Survey is a platform for these voices to be heard by the most influential people in the university. It is exciting, because The Students' Aspiration Survey works out how our university experience affects our aspirations for life after graduation. We are not just interested in the student experience in isolation, but how it shapes our decisions for the future. The survey will tell us what needs to be fixed at university level, so we can perform to our full potential in whatever we decide to do when we graduate."

Students can still get involved in the survey until 13th February by visiting the website here.