Student Spotlight: Cambridge University American Society

Chase Smith 12 February 2015

The Cambridge University American Society is a new international society. Founded in June 2014, we already have over two hundred members and hope to grow even more in coming years. Our membership is a diverse mix of Americans – both undergraduates and graduates – and anyone who feels connected to or interested in America.

We have three express purposes as a society: to celebrate American culture, to be a support network for our members at Cambridge and beyond, and, for our American members, to help facilitate the educational and cultural transition from America to the UK.

As a society we aim to provide a stable ‘home base’ in Cambridge to help American students at Cambridge feel supported by others who have also crossed the pond. Our events range from American holiday celebrations such as our Thanksgiving pie contest and American football game (a joint event with the Cambridge University American Football Club, the Pythons), American film nights, cultural society swaps, regular pub nights, and weekend Dunkin’ Donut runs.

This term, we are organizing an Oscars Formal and Party on 22 February, and we are also looking forward to our popular end of term Dunkin' Donuts Run on 14 March. Next year we hope to broaden our horizons with a trip to the American Embassy in London and a visit to Lakenheath Air Base outside Cambridge. In the long run, we aim to provide information for prospective or incoming American students who are searching for guidance on how to navigate the US-to-UK transition, and on the other side of graduation, we hope to strengthen ties between our society’s current students and American alumni groups.

Cambridge is an exciting place for Americans to study, from the adventure of exploring a new culture to the opportunity to experience all that the University has to offer. The positive feedback we have received from members is that, in the midst of all this change, once in a while it’s nice to sit back and ‘talk American’ over a pint or a coffee and doughnut with others who are going through similar experiences. A taste of home can make all the difference.