Student to run for office

Alex Cooke – Deputy News Editor 5 February 2010

George Owers, a student at Jesus College, has been selected by the Cambridge Labour Party this week as their candidate for Abbey ward. He will run for a position on the city council.

Owers is the Chair of the Cambridge Universities Labour Club, and  says that he believes in focusing more on helping local communities rather than “navel-gazing student politics”.

He told The Cambridge Student (TCS): “Local politics helps people whose lives are affected by real issues and to whom policy really matters. Student politics is too often transitory and inward looking.”

When questioned about how he proposes to combine this post with the MPhil he has applied for, he replied that “all candidates combine their post with a full time job”.

If elected, Owers promises “to improve peoples’ lives in real ways”.

He emphasised that “I am no New Labour patsy – I am a member of the Labour Representation Committee, and not afraid to criticise the government if I think that it is not serving the interests of Abbey residents.

“The real fight this year, however, is between Labour and a deeply reactionary Tory Party that will conduct an unprecedented attack on the jobs and services of the people of Abbey. A vote for the Greens or Lib Dems can only be wasted in this fight.”

Alex Cooke – Deputy News Editor