Students in River Cam vomiting scare

Eleanor Dickinson - Deputy News Editor 25 June 2011

The Senior Tutor of Pembroke College has issued out a warning to students, after a number were stuck down with illness linked to the River Cam water, with two students hospitalised. These reports come after May Bumps and The Cambridge University Cardboard Boat Race.

Mark Wormald, who is Chair of the University Advisory Group on Communicable Diseases has sent out an advisory email after “college nurses have reported a worrying number of cases of acute diarrhoea and vomiting among students who have fallen or jumped into the Cam.” This has since been forwarded throughout the university.

Wormald informed students that “at least two cases have involved hospitalisation” owing to the infectious diseases sourced from the Cam, including the life-threatening Weil’s disease.

He concluded that “the strong advice is, then, that students should stay as dry as the weather permits over the coming days and nights.”

A second year medic who fell in the Cam during Cambridge University Cardboard Boat Race told The Cambridge Student: “I had to leave Clare May Ball half way through the night due to sickness and then at 6am I had fluid coming out of practically every orifice. I had two days of fever and was unable to enjoy a really expensive May Ball as a result.”

Eleanor Dickinson – Deputy News Editor