Students left disappointed after Justin Timberlake WhichMayBall prank

Megan Hughes 30 April 2014

A prank on the WhichMayBall Facebook page suggesting that international superstar Justin Timberlake was set to headline Trinity May Ball has left many students deeply disappointed.

Appearing on the WhichMayBall Facebook page last night was the following comment: “NEWS JUST IN: This year's headline act at Trinity May Ball will be the incredible Justin Timberlake! What a night that is going to be! Stay tuned for more updates and the latest news.”

The star, who topped the UK charts with ‘Sexy Back’ and, more recently, ‘Mirrors’, would have been one of the biggest acts to headline a Cambridge May Ball stage in recent years.

Yet this morning students awoke to a rather different post from the WhichMayBall Facebook page stating: “It is with deep regret that we must inform you that someone gained unauthorised access to the WhichMayBall account last night, and that the news about Justin Timberlake is NOT true.”

A medical student at Trinity who was excited to hear the news last night expressed his regret that his dream of "listening to 4 minutes 4 minutes before the end of the ball…" had been cruelly crushed.

Evie Robertson a first year explained to TCS her reaction to the prank: “I was amazed last night to hear that Justin Timberlake was to headline Trinity and wondered how they’d managed to land such a huge act! I must admit, waking up this morning to find it was all a mistake did make me feel slightly less jealous of all the students going to Trinity May Ball.”

Trinity May Ball is well-known for its exclusivity, and for pulling in big names to perform with an entertainment budget to rival all others in Cambridge; last year’s May Ball was headlined by Example and Basshunter, whilst Elvis Costello graced the stage back in 1977.

In the past, the Ball has been classed as third in the Vanity Fair’s shortlist as one of the world's best and most exclusive parties.

Quick to point out the more negative implications of the mistake was Eleanor Metcalf who noted: "It's unlucky that even though Trinity usually get some of the best headliners of May Week, whoever they have now will inevitably be a disappointment after JT."

According to other rumours which remain unconfirmed, the R&B group Big Brovas are set to play Trinity May Ball. Other acts definitely performing at May Balls this summer are Coda, a five-piece heavy bass group announced for King’s, and DJ Wilkinson, who will feature in the Jesus May Ball line-up.