Supervision Mishaps

auctor incognitus 18 May 2016


This article had wrongly been attributed to Sherilyn Chew due to a database error when we updated the website. She studied Law and not English, nor was associated with this article in anyway. TCS apologises profusely for any confusion, damage or hurt this may have caused. 


The last three years have seen me sleep through supervisions, miss one seminar which had been falsely advertised as ‘optional’ due to a night of liberal over-drinking, submit a collage instead of an essay (this went down surprisingly well), arrive at my supervisor’s room sans essay and crying (this, surprisingly, did not go down so well), and arrive on more than one occasion joyously underprepared and banking on my knowledge of 90s teen films to patch up the gaps in my Shakespeare (shout out to 10 things I hate about you for saving me once more in my university life).

The joys of taking optional papers in third year, and having many an overdue essay to write in exam term, is that I get to face these fantastic festivities on a one-to-one basis. Having frequent private tutorage of course means there is more pressure for me to arrive on time, not be hungover, say smart things, and to actually hand stuff in. Suffice to say this isn’t going very well.

Recent disasters have included turning up coffee-stained and in a state of delirium after three hours of sleep, arriving late and post-coitally breathless with an implausible excuse relating to cycle traffic, and being told at the start of one supervision for the ‘Shakespeare and Performance’ paper that I had successfully managed to write an entire essay without mentioning performance once.

Adding to the hilarity, I quickly found that trying to argue that a study on sex scandals and syphilis in Shakespearean drama “wasn’t totally niche” merely made me appear like I had some sort of weird academic fetish for Elizabethan sexual mishaps. Disclaimer: I do not.

All in all, this term has proved itself to be yet another experiment in how unsuccessfully I can manage my time, and for that reason alone, I am thrilled that summer beckons.