Tasty top ten

Sandy Rushton 24 April 2014

Easter Term is intense, and you probably don’t have the energy to come up with inventive options for lunch. Here are ten simple sandwich fillings, with only three ingredients each, to try out during your next revision break:

1. Sliced chicken, roasted courgette and roasted peppers

2. Egg, crispy bacon and tomato

3. Smoked mackerel, mayonnaise and Greek yoghurt (mix them up and spread!)

4. Pastrami, pickles and mustard

5. Corned beef, cream cheese and fresh spinach leaves

6. Turkey, pesto and cucumber

7. Peanut butter, grated green apple and lemon juice (v)

8. Avocado, mango chutney and unsalted cashew nuts (v)

9. Cream cheese, onion relish and cherry tomato (v)

10. Brie, black pepper and grapes (v)