TCS Bucket List: First Instalment

Freya Sanders 20 April 2014

Over the vac we've been thinking: of the many stupendous opportunities that Cambridge offers, which ones can be deemed 'unmissable'? We narrowed it down to a mere 101 of the choicest experiences; as the final term of the year approaches, how many can you tick off? If the answer is very few, drop the textbooks and get out and about. You can share photos of your adventuring with #TCSBucketList.

1. Get lost in the UL
Or just go looking for a specific book – you'll get lost by default.

2. Go to a White Tie May Ball
This year the only option is Trinity, though tickets are as common as hen's teeth; next year the potential is three-fold: Magdalene's biennial May Ball is white tie, as it Peterhouse's triennial. Get saving those pennies. 

3. Attend the Boat Race
Or Henley if you're scared of big cities.

4. Sneak into an ADC afterparty
The ADC bar is probably the closest you'll get to hedonism in Cambridge.

5. Take a selfie with the freaky cows on Coe Fen
TCS accepts no responsibility for bovine injuries incured.

6. Get deaned
The University released some discipline stats last term that could help with this task: methods of getting deaned include breaking a roof, stealing a skeleton and swimming in fountains.

7. Have a fling with a (young, good-looking) supervisor
Sorry, that was presumptous of us. Feel free to explore the age range. 

8. Punt to Granchester
It's harder than you think…

9. Wear a Trinity porter’s hat
No other substitutes will do.

10. Go to a Homerton Harry Potter formal and reenact a scene
Bonus points to anyone who can catch the train back to Cambridge from Platform 9 3/4. 

11. Climb to the top of Great St. Mary’s Church
It's a mere 123 steps to the best views in Cambridge.

12. Go to a concert at King’s College Chapel
Who doesn't love pre-adolescent males flaunting their top hats and angelic voices?

13. Sail an inflatable dinghy on the Cam
Far preferable to punting.

14. Read the Chancellor of the University’s Wikipedia page
Lord who?!

15. Play ultimate frisbee on Jesus Green
Parker's Piece will do.

16. Have brunch at Murray Edwards
Go for the food. Stay for the vagina artwork.

17. Try rowing
Just once.

18. Climb Castle Hill (as in, the actual mound)
The closest thing to an actual hill we have in Cambridge.

19. Cycle up Castle Hill (as in, the road)
There's a reason why those at hill colleges are more likely to have well-defined quads.

20. Celebrate with a pint at The Castle (as in, the pub)
Who needs a real castle?


Have any better ideas? Let us know and they may feature in the Second Instalment.