TCS Bucket List: Fourth Instalment

Freya Sanders 22 April 2014

Over the vac we've been thinking: of the many stupendous opportunities that Cambridge offers, which ones can be deemed 'unmissable'? We narrowed it down to a mere 101 of the choicest experiences; as the final term of the year approaches, how many can you tick off? If the answer is very few, drop the textbooks and get out and about. You can share photos of your adventuring with #TCSBucketList.

61. Stroke Rowan William’s eyebrows
Don't pretend you don't want to.

62. Spot Stephen Hawking
Your degree doesn't count until you do. 

63. Cross every bridge in Cambridge
Best find that map…

64. Take a punt tour and lie incorrigibly to tourists
Oh yes, there are 457 colleges, each with its own swimming pool and spaceship.

65. Steal a glimpse at the blue boat topless training through the Goldie boathouse windows
It's not objectification, it's idolatry.

66. Put chocolates in all your college pigeon holes
Give your college comrades some lovin'.

67. Direct tourists in the wrong direction
Just keep following that road… it's called… "Girton"…

68. Go to a free lunchtime concert at Kettle's Yard
And try not to stay forever.

69. Have a picnic in the botanic gardens
Call it botanical at your peril 

70. Mexican wave in a lecture
Extra points if you're wearing a sombrero.

71. Read a long novel in Benet’s
War and Peace is much more peaceful with an Oreo Milkshake.

72. Rolypoly across King's College green
Then run before the Porters catch you.

73. Take a week off
No lectures; no essays; zilch. Dare you.

74. Go to Paris… in term time
Two trains. JUST TWO TRAINS.

75. Start a society
There's probably someone else out there passionately interested in sloths' dietary requirements.

76. Have breakfast, lunch and dinner at Bill’s (on the same day?)
Maybe wait until the parents visit?

77. Go to a Footlights smoker
And then complain how it was "hit and miss".

78. Get a quarter blue for Tiddlywinks
Apparently it gets pretty serious in the upper echelons.

79. DangerSpoons 
Go en masse with peeled eyes.

80. Go to an Anglia Ruskin club night
Students are students, wherever you go.


Have any better ideas? Let us know and they may feature in the Final Instalment.