TCS Bucket List: Second Instalment

Freya Sanders 21 April 2014

Over the vac we've been thinking: of the many stupendous opportunities that Cambridge offers, which ones can be deemed 'unmissable'? We narrowed it down to a mere 101 of the choicest experiences; as the final term of the year approaches, how many can you tick off? If the answer is very few, drop the textbooks and get out and about. You can share photos of your adventuring with #TCSBucketList.

21. Cycle along King’s Parade in a gown
Don't pretend that isn't why you applied here in the first place.

22. Go on a boatie swap
Could easily be combined with the next four experiences…

23. Go to Funky Funhouse
Just because we're grown-ups, we don't have to be grown up.

24. Stay in Life until the bitter end
This challenge will need significant mental preparation.

25. Have cheesey chips at the Van of Life
And then go back for a second portion.

26. Have a hungover breakfast at Tattie’s
BANTER #Cheya was heya

27. Do the Trinity Great Court Run
I mean, it's not like it's hard or anything.

28. Sing Karaoke at Sesame
Bonus points if you sing Robbie Williams' 'Angels'.

29. Spend 24 hours in a library
Take a six pack of Red Bull and a companion to guard against existential crises 

30. Go to Cindie’s sober
An extra point for every hour you endure it.

31. Watch May Ball fireworks from a punt
Get all the atmosphere for a fraction of the price.

32. Have curry on Mill Road
The only place in Cambridge that could possibly merit the "edgy" accolade.

33. Sit in a cage on King’s Parade for Amnesty
Cambridge University Amnesty International organises a cage every term.

34. Do RAG LOST and/or Jailbreak
Because we all know charitable fun is the best fun.

35. Stay up into the small hours debating a profound topic
What would Kant do?

36. Go to a class you’ve done no preparation for
If you've got through two terms without completing this one, we salute you.

37. Go to a lecture on a subject you don’t study
What is Land Economy anyway?

38. Pretend to be an expert at something you’ve never done before
Oh yes, I know all about Tiddlywinks and agrology for that matter.

39. Pretend to know nothing about something you’re an expert at
See how long you can string it out for.

40. Be in a survivors’ photo
Mid-ball naps are acceptable.


Have any better ideas? Let us know and they may feature in the Third Instalment.