TCS Bucket List: Third Instalment

Freya Sanders 22 April 2014

Over the vac we've been thinking: of the many stupendous opportunities that Cambridge offers, which ones can be deemed 'unmissable'? We narrowed it down to a mere 101 of the choicest experiences; as the final term of the year approaches, how many can you tick off? If the answer is very few, drop the textbooks and get out and about. You can share photos of your adventuring with #TCSBucketList.

41. Swim in the Cam
At this time of year, it's best to get a wetsuit. And a leptospirosis vaccine.

42. Invite your family and show them around
Show them the colleges, the libraries, the river and the madness. Be proud of it. Whilst your here, it's your city too.

43. Sneak into a May Ball
Swing in wearing a spiderman suit.

44. Climb on the rooftops 
Pick a college. Pick an accomplice. Pack a picnic.

45. Get photos of your naked body into the student gutter press
Not that TCS would never stoop to such levels…

46. Appear on CamFm
As a presenter, as a guest or as an act. If it's good enough for Popman, it's good enough for you.

47. Get chucked out of Spoons
Brawl with a townie; drop a pint; sing Gloria Gaynor too loudly.

48. Get chucked out of Patisserie Valerie
Insult the decorative icing; drop a teapot; knit violently.

49. Do an outrageous college marriage proposal
It must involve Michael Bublé, a flash mob, a horse, a lot of tissue paper or all of the above.

50. Enter the cardboard boat race
Start saving those Amazon parcels.

51. Go to the Holi celebrations
Then be really original and make it your Facebook profile picture.

52. Mingle with townies at the Midsummer fireworks
What divide?

53. Do an all-nighter
An academic one, that is…

54. Get locked overnight in a college that isn’t your own
If you're escorted out by the porters in the morning, you have succeeded.

55. Ride the Jesus College horse statue
If Bill Nighy can do it, so can you.

56. Marvel at the West Cambridge site
Because, after all, it's miles better than the ice rink that the University was planning to build with the funds…

57. Ride the X5
TCS accepts no responsibility for communicable diseases acquired on the X5, nor for the eight hours you will spend in Milton Keynes.

58. Go to your college’s evensong
After all, the choir sing for the joy of melodious communication, not for the free formals.

59. Steal an entire crockery set from various formals
Legend has it that if you get caught stealing a Trinity plate, the porters make you into plates.

60. Experience the economical bliss of Aldi
There was this one time when houmous was 20p.


Have any better ideas? Let us know and they may feature in the Fourth Instalment.