TCS interviews James Mathieson

Lili Bidwell 5 May 2017

James Mathieson, a third year history student at Churchill college, has doubled the vote for the Cherry Hinton division in Cambridge. 

Last term's CUCA chair ran for the Conservative party in the Cherry Hinton division, which having won 430 Tory votes in 2013, is now on track for roughly 750 votes this time round, meaning the Mathieson has succeeded in winning many more votes than before. 

Mathieson was inspired to run after loving the city of Cambridge since studying here, and wanting to make a difference to the city. He joined 2 other CUCA candidates who also ran for city divisions. Despite not having a huge chance of winning, Mathieson is certainly proud of his success, citing the national Conservative success as a reason behind his doubling the vote. 

The role that the Conservatives have played on Cambridge County Council over the past years, is, for Mathieson, a reason why the Conservative party is doing so well in his division.