TCS Mixtape Week 5

18 February 2010

Songs to Beat Week 5 Blues

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TCS Mixtape Week 5

Next week’s theme is “Songs in a Foreign Language” and we want your ideas. Send your suggestions to and you may see your tracks in the mix.

1. I Got You (I Feel Good) – James Brown

No feel good playlist would be complete without James Brown’s signature tune.

2. Relax, Take It Easy – Mika

Let the chilled out verse lull you, the upbeat chorus will remind you to relax.

3. Beggin’ – Madcon

Originally made popular by the Four Seasons, wonderfully reinvented by Madcon.

4. Let The Good Times Roll – BB King

A rambunctious, joyous live performance and BB doing what he does best – cool guitar solos.

5. Generator – The Holloways

The Holloways remind us of the good things in life.

6. My Girls – Animal Collective

Every music critic’s favourite song of last year, “My Girls” is a shimmering, joyous affirmation of life and rejection of empty consumerism.

7. Clothes Off! – Gym Class Heroes

An overdose of self confidence perhaps, but the Gym Class Heroes are doing what they do best – danceable mashups.

8. Idlewild Blues – OutKast

Everybody gets the Blues”, even Andre ‘Cooler than cool’ 3000. Take comfort.

9. Kids – MGMT

I dare you defy to the opening synth as it calls you to get off your chair and dance ecstatically.

10. The Sex Has Made Me Stupid – Robots in Disguise

DoS: “So, I see you’re predicted a third for this term…”