TCS Mixtape Week 6

25 February 2010

Songs in a Foreign Language

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TCS Mixtape Weeek 6

Next week’s theme is “Instrumentals” and we want your ideas. Send your suggestions to and you may see your tracks in the mix.

1. Fel del av garden – Movits!

“Django guitar, windy street swing; music for both art directors and for your mother”.

2. Rainha – CeU

A beautiful juxtaposition, CeU brings together classical Brazilian elements, jazz, and modern indie sounds.

3. Makelekele – Malian Musicians

Damon Albarn has written a Chinese Opera, been in two ground-breaking challenging bands, and recorded this album to promote Malian musicians’ brilliant, dance-able pop, and yet some people still think that Oasis vs. Blur is an argument. Anyway, this is brilliant.

4. Me gustas tu – Manu Chao

Of Mano Negra fame, Chao speaks over 6 languages. Eat you hearts out MMLers.

5. Porque te vas? – Jeanette

The “theme” song to Spanish director Saura’s unsettling film “Cria Curvos”, Jeanette’s dreamy voice is disturbingly discordant with the harsh realities of the film. Context aside, it’s an addictive song.

6.Glosoli – Sigur Ros

Magnificent in its ambiance. Lyrics in Icelandic, unlike on their brackets album where Sigur Ros use an entirely constructed language.

7. So Far / Lihot – HaBanot Nechama

So Far/Lihot builds and falls wonderfully for such a simply constructed song – let the words wash over you.

8. Aguas de Marco – Antonio Carlos Jobim

This calming Brazilian tune celebrates the “Waters of March” and the rest of the natural world, and was voted the best Brazilian song of all time in 2001 by Brazilian music critics and musicians.