TCS Music Section reviews the BBC’s ‘Sounds of 2009’

15 January 2009

Economic Meltdown + Energy Crises + Escalating Conflicts Worldwide = Happy Happy Electro Good Times

Dan Black

The best thing to be said about Dan Black’s single ‘Yours’ is that, in the video, at a couple of points, he wears a giant gun on his head. Then he flails around to his relatively danceable indie pop with this giant gun on his head.

Passion Pit

“Colourful” AND “cerebral” according to the BBC. Oooh. ‘Sleepyhead’ is a pretty cute but pretty clunky glimmer of wistful electronica, though his voice is endearing in a high-pitched kind of way.

Kid Cudi

Those of you who like to cross over from urban to dance (and vice versa) will be pleased at the announcement of yet another bridge, in the form of Kid Cudi. ‘Day ‘N’ Night’ may sample a dubstep track, but it turns it into something likeable, breezy, warm, and any other antonym of dubstep that springs to mind.

VV Brown

Despite my New Year’s Resolution to stop repeatedly falling for the next Ronetta-Come-Lately, mindlessly derivative “modern-day doyenne of doo-wop” to hope that maybe no-one has ever actually listened to doo-wop, I quite like ‘Crying Blood’.

Lady Gaga

The ugly-man’s Gwen Stefani makes harmless music that’s about as shallow as it is catchy.

La Roux

Probably the only person on the Beeb’s list with a voice and lyrics worth listening to. Elsewhere, she loyally carries the flag for a Calvin Harris-less 80s and makes me really want to listen to Yazoo.

Blackout Crew

Empire of the Sun, the BBC’s choice, have been disqualified for sounding exactly like another band that hasn’t even broken up yet. In their place are the Bolton everymen Blackout Crew, with their raison d’être ‘Put a Donk On It’. As David Cameron said recently: “you haven’t lived if you haven’t put a donk on it”.

Florence and the Machine

It’s like Kate Nash and KT Tunstall but in the same song AND a little bit better than both: wicked! No lie.

White Lies

When are people going to start shamelessly pilfering the 90s? Still, White Lies, like La Roux, sounds like the good parts of the 80s and so they pilfer shamelessly but tastefully (exquisitely so on ‘Unfinished Business’), and with good guitar effects. Long live the devolution.

Little Boots

Little Boots, what lovely, pretty pop you have. Judging by your name, I’d thought that you’d play post-avant-garde jazz. Silly me.