TCS Virtual Catwalk

Kat Karpenko 9 May 2015

You spend all your time reading TCS articles, but how much do you really know about the writers? Here is what you’ve all been waiting for, an exclusive insight into the wardrobes of a few members of the TCS team! They provide the back-stories to these most important items of their wardrobes.

Tom Bevan, Reviews Editor

Image Credit: Tom Bevan

‘I bought this shirt in a market in Istanbul last summer and it bridges the gap between comfy and cool. It has been the perfect bottom layer of an affair of hoodie, jacket and hair. (pictured) It is also made from organic cotton. Not bad for a tenner, and any excuse to talk about my gap year….'

Kate Ellison, Features Editor

Image Credit: Kate Ellison

‘My grandma gave them to me. They're hand made jackets from Hong Kong. She got them when she worked there in the 1950s and I've always loved them'

Lottie Limb, Features editor

Image Credit: Lottie Limb

‘There isn't much of a story with this one – I'm currently borrowing it from my best friend who got it for free from a Paul Smith sample sale. It's covered with jelly fish, reversible, and I just think it's one of the coolest items I've ever seen'

'You could also say it's part of a long-standing ritual of aquatic dressing…'

Image Credit: Lottie Limb

What a babe!

Amelia Oakley, Features editor

'I bought this from a Vintage Fair. My reason for loving it? Why on earth wouldn't a massive oversized shirt dress be your fave thing in the world?'

Image Credit: Amelia Oakley 

'Beyond Retro. I adore the jazzy print. Cinched drop waists are the best thing ever.'

Kat Karpenko & Magdalen Christie, Lifestyle Editors

Image Credit: George Punter