Editorial Team - Easter 2018



Will Bennett - editor@tcs.cam.ac.uk

Associate Editor:

Caithlin Ng - cn395@cam.ac.uk

News Editor:

Sophie Laura Weymes-McElderry - news@tcs.cam.ac.uk

Features Editor:

Dario Colajanni - features@tcs.cam.ac.uk

Deputy Features Editor:

Jane O'Connor -  deputyfeatures@tcs.cam.ac.uk

Comment Editor:

Priya Bryant - comment@tcs.cam.ac.uk

Deputy Comment Editor:

Holly MacAskill - hrm58@cam.ac.uk

Science Editor:

Clemens von Stengel - science@tcs.cam.ac.uk

Interviews Editor:

Edmund Crawley - interviews@tcs.cam.ac.uk

Sports Editor:

Finn Ranson - sport@tcs.cam.ac.uk

Theatre Editors:

Arthur Tan & Paul Norris - theatre@tcs.cam.ac.uk

Deputy Theatre Editor:

Alex Mirošević-Sorgo - am2055@cam.ac.uk

Lifestyle Editors:

Blanca Schofield-Legorburo - lifestyle@tcs.cam.ac.uk

Sex and Relationships Editor:

Celia Morris - cm832@cam.ac.uk

Music Editors:

Joe Hilton & Genie Harrison -music@tcs.cam.ac.uk

Deputy Music Editor:

Amelia Garrison - amg205@cam.ac.uk

Film and TV Editor:

Tallulah Young - filmtv@tcs.cam.ac.uk

Deputy Film and TV Editor:

Alasdair Glynn - ag990@tcs.cam.ac.uk

Food & Drink Editor:

Arielle Domb - food@tcs.cam.ac.uk

Books Editor:

Angus Jackson - books@tcs.cam.ac.uk

Sub Editors:

Mahnoor Javed - subs@tcs.cam.ac.uk

Abigail Whiteley - subs@tcs.cam.ac.uk

James Musgrave - subs@tcs.cam.ac.uk


Emil Sands

Kitya Mark

Francesca Rigg

Alice Tyrrell

Board of Editorial Directors, Easter 2018

Sophie Dickinson (Chair of the Board), Will Tilbrook, Tom Richardson, Will Bennett (Editor-in-Chief)