Molly Bolding
Editor in Chief and Executive Director of TCS Telly
Paramvir Singh Khera
Deputy Editor for News and Investigation
Genie Harrison
Deputy Editor for Culture
Matti Thal
Deputy Editor for Arts
Sahil Sama
Deputy Editor for Theatre
Tallulah Young
Head of TCS Telly
Kaia Nisser
Creative Director for TCS Telly; Columnist Director
Sophie Huskisson
Head of Events
Lauren Chan
Instagram Manager; Photographer
Gregory Holyoke
Features Editor
Georgio Konstandi
Features Editor
Alex Butcher
Comment Editor
Caitlin Woods
Comment Editor
Jungmin Seo
General Interviews Editor
Darren Wong
Union Interviews Editor
Riona Millar
Theatre Editor
Ellie Paine
Books Editor
Evie Lucas
Lifestyle Editor
Olivia Dean
Fashion and Beauty Editor
Jack Hughes
Food and Drink Editor
Meg McAuley
Travel Editor; Photography Columnist; Photographer
Paul Norris
Creative Writing Editor
Georgia Holmes
Art Editor
Eleanor Pitcher
Photography Editor
Phillipa Kirby
Food and Drink Columnist
Cyrus Yazdanpanah
Politics Columnist
Alexander Shtryov
Education Columnist
Roa Powell
Science Columnist